Silvana Finn - 05/08/2012

Both myself and my sister in law took our Bichons for a grooming session on Friday 4th May. The place was lovely and it was very obvious that both groomers loved dogs. Louis & Cindy looked great and neither were stressed which is a major bonus. Definitely will go again. A big thumbs up. xx

Karen Wall - 05/17/2012

All Dogs Great & Small were brilliant, i was really impressed, my dog came out like he was going to Cruffs to Win...

Suzanne Chesney - 05/19/2012

A brilliant company Johanna and Karen are amazing and treat each dog as their own. Great cut and service.

Janine Robinson - 05/21/2012

My dog trixie is 15 years of age. So she is old and timed. All dogs great and small gave her a face lift and were very understanding to her need. trixie is so happy after her grooming Thank you Janine Robinson.

Jnaet Tierney - 08/29/2012

My dog looked and smelled great after her visit to All dogs great and small. They put a cute red bow on her collar and gave her a treat for the journey home which was a nice touch.

Ann Colton - 01/11/2013

Joann is very friendly went out of her way for me and all so karen was very help full when i got my dog back he looked fantastic i would highly recommend them there excellent and i will certainly be going back.

Carol Grant - 01/15/2013

Brilliant service, our dog came back with a lovely neckerchief and delighted with herself, very impressed with this company.

Barbara Foley - 01/17/2013

Excellent and friendly caring service.

Leah Humphrys - 01/25/2013

Very nice people. Felt safe handing over our lovely terrier cross. He looks amazing and his little paw bandana was just the cutest little bonus. He looks great. (he was in mad need of a cut n blow dry wire hair everywhere). Thanks so much. Definitely use them and recommend to anyone. X


Hiya Joanna,
Saw on fb you are upgrading the website. Just thought I'd drop you a line for your testimonials if you want to use it. You always take such great care of frodo for us, he runs to the front door if we tell him he's going to see Joanna and when we start getting close to your house in the car he does be so excited he shakes! He adores going down to you for a groom because you take such great care of him. He always comes back looking and smelling amazing and your prices are super reasonable which makes it even better. We are very fussy who we let look after him and we never have a seconds hesitation sending him down to you to get beautified! Thanks for everything.
Shauna, al and fro.  Xxxxxx

Caitriona O'Connell - 01/31/2013

This is a great service and the staff are so friendly and very helpful! I would highly recommend this business.

Lisa Stanford - 02/07/2013

Lovely, professional crew very satisfied with result every time! Thanks Johanna and Karen!

Ciara O'Hanlon - 02/01/2013

Lovely people, great with dogs, and the dogs look gorgeous coming out with their little bandana! The personal touch.